When you aim for real mobility change,

PTV Vissim is your trusted tool

The mobility industry’s most trusted modeling and simulation software

PTV Vissim is the tool of choice for top-notch microscopic traffic simulation

Need infrastructure capacity analysis? Care about the interaction of signal controllers, cars, pedestrians, bikes, trams and CAVs? Acceleration data for emission calculations? Railway stations, airports? You name it - and PTV Vissim has you covered.
PTV Vissim software saves time to achieve your objectives. Its flexibility enables analysis of non-default applications. Its results are precise and trusted by public authorities all over the world. And it is supported by a strong user community.
Continuously growing, PTV Vissim helps solve the individual challenges you encounter in everyday workflows.
Plus, there is no need to clog yourself up in traffic demand models when you just need a microscopic analysis. Simply use our world-leading software PTV Visum and import the results!
PTV Vissim - the world’s most advanced and flexible traffic simulation software

 Simulate complex vehicle interactions realistically on a microscopic level
Model infrastructure and behavior in detail
 Simulate new forms of mobility such as CAV and MaaS
 Save time with an efficient and user friendly interface
 Save time with an efficient and user friendly interface

Forget about other software solutions -

your trusted simulation tool is PTV Vissim

PTV Vissim
Other software
Vehicle simulation
The industry’s most realistic simulation providing capacity analysis, delays, stops, accelerations...
Flexible use of driving behaviors
Simulation of autonomous and connected vehicles
Pedestrian simulation
Accurate models of interaction with vehicles
Crowd capacity and evacuation scenarios
Signal control analysis
Includes flow chart-based signal control logic
Full-fledged RBC controller
Parking analysis
Analyze parking behavior and use tool assisted car park creation
Efficient modeling
Powerful filters, lists and bulk changes
Reality checks
Time-saving aerial background maps
User experience
Friendly, customizable GUI layout
Custom-made modeling
Available with user-defined attributes, event-based scripts, attribute modifications, etc.
Can model logistics centers, airport taxi queues, and much much more
Open data model: Inputs & outputs
Community support
Strong active LinkedIn user community

Why consultancies & public authorities trust PTV Vissim for traffic simulation

PTV Vissim is the standard traffic simulation software used in over 2,500 cities worldwide

Teams worldwide trust PTV Vissim:

Why is PTV Vissim the global leader in simulation?

Detailed and Realistic Simulation

PTV Vissim is proven to be the world’s standard for traffic engineering and simulation and for a good reason: It gives you a realistic and detailed overview about the status quo of the traffic flow and impacts, with the possibilities to define multiple what-if scenarios. With our links and connectors concept in PTV Vissim, you can map your network in detail and model different geometries – from a standard node to arbitrarily complex intersections with crossroads, bike lanes, public transport lines, on-street parking...

Flexible and Seamless Integration

As part of the PTV Traffic Suite, you can seamlessly connect the traffic simulation software to other PTV software solutions. Not only that, but the generic COM interface allows you to also interact with external applications. PTV Vissim is a flexible software that helps expand your microscopic planning simulation into a stable test environment no matter how you choose to utilise the traffic simulation software.

Quick & Simple Set-Up

Our traffic simulation software is easy to use, and absolutely no scripting required. PTV Vissim is the most robust software for microscopic, mesoscopic, or even a combination of both in a hybrid simulation. If you are already using transport tools, chances are you can rely on PTV Vissim without having to acquire new skills.

Strong Network and Support

With over 16,500 users, PTV Vissim is more than just a traffic engineering and simulation software; it is a community that is continuously growing. PTV has over 40 years of experience in the transport strategy and traffic solutions industry so you can take advantage of our comprehensive documentation, extensive training programmes, user group meetings as well as our professional customer service and support team, 24/7.

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